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All are wetroom products are strong robust and come complete with manufacturers guarantees.

All wetroom products come with free delivery as standard or Next day delivery and be arranged for £20 (inc vat)

Our wetroom products are priced with approx 50% off retail prices.

Iny you have any questions regarding our wetroom items please give us a call on 01246 550400.

A wetroom can provide a stylish waterproof shower area with drainage outlet and can be level access or slightly raised.

level accesstc wetroom

The raised area wetroom can be a more aesthetically pleasing option to a white shower tray, the area is usually tiled with standard floor tiles or mosaic tiles.

We supply many styles of wetroom flooring systems, if the style you require is not listed please give us a call on 0800 0432419.

The easiest way would be to use our wetroom kits (pictured below), which come complete with everything you require. These can be used on there own to create small wet areas, or used in conjunction with a tanking kit to create a wet area the size of the entire room. - To buy kit online click here.

wetroom kit.

Tanking Kits (pictured below) can also be used with or without floor formers to create a waterproof flooring area in any bathroom. It provides a waterproof barrier and requires adhesive etc to install.

tanking kit

There are multiple options for drainage in wetroom from just using a standard shower tray waste, the more regular purus wetroom drain or channel drains.



If you have any questions regarding the best solution for your room or require any other information please give us a call 0800 0432419.


A popular alternative can be to use a slimline shower tray ie 45mm, click here to view our shower trays range.

wetroomshalf height screen

Wetrooms can be an ideal solution for use in disabled or easy bathrooms.

If you are unsure of which wetroom products you require please give us a call.

free phone 0800 0432419free delivery

Frequently Asked Wetroom Questions:

What is a floor former?

A Floor former is used as shower tray and can be raised above the level of the floor or built in to be the same level as the floor. It forms a gradient so water flows away and can be tiled or covered in vinyl with only the waste/drain showing.


Is the drain/gully cleanable from above?

Yes they have a removed top to allow access for cleaning.


What if joists are in the way of the drain outlet?

Most floor formers and kits are available with centre or offset drains which should allow the drain to miss the joists.

For an even more in depth wetoom online store please visit our sister site www.wetroomstore.com

If you have any other questions please give us a call on 01246 550199.